Cold Mezes

Cold Mezes

  1. Turkish Feta Cheese

    Turkish white Cheese, Served with Tomato, Cucumber, Marinated with Oregano & Olive Oil
  2. Dolma

    A Sophisticated Flavour & Skilful dexterity… Vine leaves stuffed with Rice & Herbs.
  3. Tabule

    Chopped parsley salad with tomatoes, Onions,Cracked wheat, Garnished with lemon juice, Olive oil & selection of spices. Great choice for green lovers.
  4. Taze Fasulye

    Fresh Beans Marinated & Cooked in Tomato, Herbs & Garlic
  5. Tarama

    Marinated Cod Roe
  6. Patlican Soslu

    It Is Said that Turks prepare aubergine in some 40 ways & each one of these dishes taste very different. Here is one cooked & chopped aubergine, Green & Red peppers in special sauce.
  7. Cacik

    Fresh Mint & Cucumber flavoured Yoghurt with a sparkling of garlic & dill. Cool & Refreshing
  8. Ezme

    Mexicans have their salsasauce, Turks have antep emmesi. Chopped spicy combination of bell & Red Peppers, Fresh Red Onion ,Tomatoes, Garlic & Parsley
  9. Humus

    Chick-peas puree with tahini,Lemon juice, Garlic & Olive Oil. Must be the best in the town
  10. Kisir

    Steamed Crushed wheat garnished with a selection of spices & special sauce then mixed with red cabbage, cucumber, parsley & spring Onion
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